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As a parent of a teenager, one of the last things you expect to find yourself doing is looking into alcohol detox treatment centers or other alcoholism treatment programs for your child. However, if you have found that your teenage child has been binge drinking and/or has developed an alcohol addiction, this may be exactly what you are doing.

No parent wants their child to suffer from such a serious and potentially life-altering or even life-ending condition, but what you need to focus on going forward is not what you wish would have been different in your teen's life but instead what you can do to help them get their life on track again. Call now to learn more about what sorts of centers for addiction are available near you (844) 574-8499.

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Alcohol Abuse Statistics Among Teens

While it is illegal in the United States for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase or consume alcohol, many teens still manage to do so. In fact, in surveys reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) from the year 2015, 33 percent of the teens surveyed had consumed alcohol in the past 30 days and 18 percent of the teens surveyed had engaged in binge drinking in that time period. And in the United States, 11 percent of the alcohol that is consumed, is consumed by persons under the age of 21 every year.

As such, it is clear that alcohol abuse is quite a bit more common among teens than parents and society would like. Every year, more than 4,300 underage youth (i.e. those under 21 years of age) die from alcohol-related causes like alcohol poisoning or driving under the influence.

These statistics, while disturbing, also help to let you know that you are not the only parent going through this. Millions of parents are dealing with similar struggles and have teens that are abusing alcohol or have alcohol addictions. You are not alone and you can get your child help so that their alcohol issues do not destroy their entire life.

The Alcohol Detox Process

In order to help your teen overcome their addiction to alcohol, the first step will be to help them detox. Detox (short for detoxification) is a means of addressing the physical addiction that a person has to alcohol. When your teen abuses alcohol, their brain essentially rewires itself so that it only functions when your child is consuming alcohol or is under the influence of alcohol. Because the brain has developed a dependence on alcohol, the process of stopping your child from drinking alcohol can be tough.

When your child is not able to consume alcohol or chooses to stop, their brain and body will react negatively as they try to get back to functioning the way it should without alcohol. These reactions are withdrawals. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms vary widely from person to person. They can include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Profuse sweating
  • Fever
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Heart palpitations
  • Seizures

Because alcohol withdrawals can be so intense for your teen and in some cases could even be dangerous, you do not want to try to force them through the detox process cold turkey and without proper professional treatment and support. Alcohol detox treatment centers will provide your teen with detox treatment that can help keep them safe and get them successfully through the process.

A medical detox is an option for alcohol detox that allows your teen to receive supervision and treatment from doctors and nurses while they detox. These programs often involve the use of prescription medications to minimize withdrawals and to ensure that your child does not experience those severe withdrawal symptoms like seizures.

And of course, going to an alcohol detox treatment center ensures that your teen will not be able to sneak a drink while they are detoxing, derailing their progress. This forces them to make it through the physically tough process of detox so that they can get sober and begin the work of dealing with the underlying causes of your child's addiction.

Additional Treatment and Aftercare

If you want your teen to maintain their sobriety in the long-term, you cannot allow them to just stop their treatment after they have detoxed. While they may seem like they are back to their old self, they still need to deal with the reasons they turned to alcohol abuse in the first place. As such, you need to get them into a full treatment program that includes individual and group therapy and group meetings (like Alcoholics Anonymous or other support groups) at a bare minimum.

These support group meetings are also part of what is known as addiction aftercare. Aftercare includes treatments and resources available to people with an alcoholism to help them maintain their sobriety for the rest of their lives. Alcoholism treatment and recovery is not over after detox or even after weeks or months of treatment, it is a lifelong commitment, and one that you will have to help your teen make day in and day out. Alcohol detox treatment centers are designed to help your loved ones get help for their addiction. 

You can help your teen overcome their alcohol abuse problem and addiction and this information and these steps to take will help you do so. Finding alcohol detox treatment centers for your teen is of massive importance and you should know the facts.

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